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SOLVER – your IT problem solver.

... yes, we know, that a word "problem" is not "in" and not modern. Everybody is using "challenge" or "change" instead. Well, not everyone...

Solver is the mid-scale softwarehouse and IT systems integrator, located in Slovakia, Europe. Experience gained during 28 years of delivering high-quality IT services are our most valuable asset, used for sake of our customers.


“With team of 35 developers, we elaborate real solutions for our customers.”
We have found our niche: IT problems, which are too small, too complex or too customer-specific, to be interesting for our "big" competitors. Simply, too much work for not too much money.
This is where our small and flexible Solution fits in.

Our major - core activities are:
  • Mobile applications for ANDROID and WinMobile devices.
  • Helping our customers to organize themselves in applying IT system - Organizer. Typical customer is small or mid-size business, using EXCEL sheets or other Office application to manage the company. With growth, they soon recognise the limit of such technology - this is where we can help. For more information about this System, please refer to Organizer section.
  • Provide highly skilled software development outsourcing services. For more information about this Activity, please refer to Outsourcing section.
We use: NO virtual words, NO virtual promises, NO discounts, NO dot com blabla buzzwords. Not with us, please.
We are getting paid for results, not for promises. The satisfaction of our customer is the basic measurement for quality of our work. If You are not satisfied with what You got from us - You do not need to pay our invoice. Instead, we ask you to tell us what we can do better for you. This feedback is value, we gladly exchange with you, for our work.


If you feel like you do not have problems, but “just experience some challenges in today's fast and challenging business“, than you are not our typical customer.
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