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SOLVER – your IT problem solver

Solver IT is an IT company providing personalised services to its customers, worldwide.

Main business activities are:
  • outsourcing of software development
  • resolving IT problems for companies worldwide, by applying the most suitable IT solution for customer's specific needs, including Information System Organizer
Solver IT itself is a young company formed to this shape in 2004, but it has a continous history backlog to 1989, where it was founded by its owner and started with outsourcing of the IT services.

Solver IT has its main offices in central Europe - Slovakia - Bratislava and Žilina. We currently serve our customers in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and USA, with workforce of 25 software developers, analysts and project leaders.
We provide real solutions, based on proven track record of more than 60 successful IT projects performed in the past. It is hard job, in today`s virtual word, full of promises and buzz words, to compete with truth and reality. We strive to stop this and do only what is needed, to solve your IT problem. If you understand, please let us know you problem, to hear our opinion is for free.

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