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Developement process

Solver has developed process that defines all the steps from the first contact with customer / partner to the final solution release. Deployment and subsequent maintenance steps are also included. Of course the process depends on projects size and level of partnership. We have experience with projects measured in from man-weeks to man-years.

Let us present the common steps concerning a solution development for you as our partner:

1. Partner informs us he needs to develop a solution

  • To learn how to contact us and become our partner, please, read contact page
  • The information usually contains
    • brief description (at least a scope) of the project
    • brief customer description
    • raw time schedule and/or quotation
    • specific technical or other constraints
    • special requirements - e.g. using of partner's libraries, writing user guide, etc

2. We do basic analysis and resource pre-allocation for the project

  • Partner is informed about pre-allocated resources and our ability to deal with the project
  • A responsible senior developer contacts partner and collects all the information necessary for the project planning
  • Requirement analysis leading in more or less detailed project specification and project plan is made up together with partner
  • Testing data (behavior) are collected (or ordered) if needed (and possible) to allow solution validation during the development
  • A domain expert can be involved, to help our development team to understand new domain-specific issues
  • A feasibility study / prototype can be built up if it seems to be effective to do so
  • This and next steps can be done iteratively

3. Contract is signed between partner and Solver

  • It may contain written specification as well as project plan with milestones and man-days estimated. A man-day costs are defined...
  • Solution design is usually defined in this phase already and may also be presented to partner

4. Solution is being developed by Solver team

  • The responsible senior developer keeps in touch with partner and provides him with partial solution (including sources) so that it is possible to get feedback and to adjust specification according to partner's subsequent requirements
  • Activity reports are written by developers. Partner is provided with a compilation that:
    • allows him to compare progress with the project plan
    • informs what functionality can be tested, what are the current constraints and what is still under construction and on what level (presentation / app. logic / database)
  • Testers are comparing finished functionality with requirements to avoid misunderstandings or any other mistakes
  • For more complex solutions automated tests are developed so that it is easy to keep solution consistent and stable in all the development phases
  • Team development and versioning (esp. for long term projects with several releases) is technically supported by CVS
  • Refactorings are made during coding to keep solution as simple and extendible as possible
  • Solution is developed with respect to partner's coding rules defined in requirements
  • Technical documentation is written on demand

5. Solution is released, presented and deployed on customer side (if required)

  • This step is internally performed several times. The number depends on:
    • size of the project (primarily duration)
    • possibility to deploy partial solution in a testing environment (on partner's side)
  • User guide is provided and partner's and/or customer's staff is trained (on demand)

6. Solution is maintained (if required)

  • Possible bugs are fixed on demand immediately
  • Enhancement lists are processed with priority (always an extension of the contract)
  • Compatibility issues (e.g. due to changed sw/hw platforms) are solved with priority as well
We believe you will find our development process suitable and comfortable.

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