Spring 2019

Monday, February 11, 2019 08:00

Year 2019 begins the same way as 2018 ended: lot of work and a new projects. We gave got a new customer: company HighQ from Freiburg Germany.

Also our existing customers are active: we currently develop and deliver a new version of mobile parking enforcement application for our customer Metrics, UK. Mobile application for Android phones communicates with server, knowing which parking slot have been paid and which not. The staff from parking enforcement dept. around big London area will use Android mobile phones and tablets to check the status on-line and ... issue a fine, if needed. Sorry for that.

New applications are in the pipeline for our parcel service customer SPS: new version of Mobile Courier app for Android, new version of WEBserver to manage network of couriers. Our mobile app will be now capable to capture biometrics - handwritten signature, to confirm parcel delivery. In February, we run a project where we deliver a complete solution - hardware and software: new BT/WiFi data concentrators for inventory and stock management. Our boxes with Bluetooth and WiFi connection equipped with internal logic are mounted in Warehouse. Data from Bluetooth bar-code scanners operated by staff are collected and online validation of the warehouse operations is performed on the server. In case of problem, we issue visual and sound alarm to warehouse operator, that the package he has in hand belongs to different box...

With our customer in USA, we are porting large CAD/CAM system to cloud... to Amazon cloud, specifically. This is large C# Windows desktop application, which should be running in cloud soon. Also the projects with customers in Berlin, Eberbach, Bratislava and Mödling, Austria are running, so, we are in lack of good developers. But this is nothing new in IT branch all around.

End of the Year 2018

Monday, Dec 17, 2018 08:00

We wish you all the best into 2019 year!

Summer 2018

Friday, June 1, 2018 08:00

Into holiday season, we got a project of new WEB version of simple BackOffice system for largest Austrian bus-company: Postbus. We prepare a new Bluetooth module to Android Devices, as interface to surrounding environment, like a car or bus.

Our new building is opened and the development teams moved in. 10 - 12 developers will find its new modern workplace here, with all amenities - top LED lighting as bright as the sun, if needed, air condition, large windows and sunshades. New office-furniture is topping the offer. Surrounding garden will provide enough green visual, to calm down developer's mind. Only what are we missing are the wall-posters and bit more flowers.

All this is in line with extending our teams for another 3-5 developers, as the demand of our customers is raising.

Have a ice summer, it will be hot.

End of the year 2017: Train-Of-Ideas of Deutsche Bahn, departed on time.

Monday, November 27, 2017 08:00

Our coolest project this year has safely landed -on time- a famous german Train-Of-Ideas departed on November 7 from Nürnberg, Germany. The biggest german railway operator -Deutsche Bahn- has unveiled its testbed for new ideas and future of railway transport. 'Train-full-of-Ideas' with nickname 'IdeenZug' is a multi-million Eur Project of exploring the future innovative ways how to attract, entertain and serve customers while on the train.
Exclusive ceremony of unveiling the IdeenZug in the Nürnberg-Arena can be seen here:

Our company has participated with -what a surprise- complete software development. Our customer, Krauth technology GmbH, delivered Hardware and project management.

Our software controls whole ticketing and merchandising on the board. We sell tickets on the stationery modern state-of-the -art ticket-vending machines, mobile Points of Sale, Mobile Phones and also by cash. We automatically detect the passengers entering and leaving the train, while having our App installed on their Android mobile phones. Our software controls displays in the interiors, opens the doors for those nice cabins, where one can relax, do sport, spinning or work. It switches the lights in sleep-coaches, allows to use kids-corner and also sells refreshment - coke, coffee, snack and -in Germany unavoidable- the beer.

Customer can purchase all services by cashless transactions - using bank cards, customer cards, smartphone or smartwatch. And - also a pensioner Frau Elvira with her wheeler, no mobile phone and no Internet can use the train and pay by cash.

Have you ever seen a real grass-garden in the train interior? Futuristic interiors, innovative ideas and functions can be seen for example here: here: or here:

All this is built into a big /as real/ waggon / mock-up. Whole mock-up will be traveling through Germany for whole next year of 2018, stopping in major cities. If you have a chance - visit it, it is worth to do so.

Which idea from IdeenZug will be overtaken into design of future routine trains of DeutscheBahn - we do not know. But for sure we know, that there still remains whole bunch of un-covered ideas for public transport, which are waiting for its future prospects. Good luck to all, hunting for them.

We wish you a relaxing and happy end of the Year 2017. And one good news to the end: next year has very nice name!

May 2017: Android/aka Linux/aka Unix - on its way to future.

Monday, May 15, 2017 08:00

Yes, it is obvious,
that a mobile Operating System Android is gaining the ground more and more. The market share is growing and we see this as positive development.
Because it si tightly connected to history of our company - we helped to shape the market for it. In fact, that it is a 15-years long stroy for us to develop application for mobile phones. Fifteen years ago - this was a Nokia's Symbian. But this good software found its end with end of Nokia corporation in the hands of Microsoft, as discussed also here, few years ago.

But than - a new prospective kind was born - Android from Google has come and to-date it is confirming its technical potential. We like it, as it does correspond to our technical opinion, that Android's solid basement of Unix and Linux are the basic prerequisites to success.
This is an old and lengthen dispute, which started in early 1980-ties, with emerge of Apple, Microsoft and Windows-like Operation systems. Especially a commercial success of Microsoft, with their Windows Operation system was impressive.

We met already its predecessor, the Ms-DOS, back in 1986, started to work with it and for it. We descended deep into technicalities of this Operating system in building many applications for it. Than, we followed the Microsoft path along, for Windows 3.1., NT, ME, XP up to current 7,8 and 10 versions. We still do sail with half of our business on Microsoft's boat. Paying for this amount of money to Bill's account.

But back than, in 1990, we luckily got first contract for software development for CAD/CAM applications, running at that time exclusively on Unix workstations. Our customers have been in love with HP-UX version of Unix, running it on famous -and expensive- HP9000 workstation.
Such way, we got a deep and tight involvement with Unix, especially after 1994, when the PC hardware won the battle with Unix workstations and new version of Unix - named QNX and Linux opened the way to the future on PC. We appreciate inner technical clarity, clear structure and straight purpose of Unix operating system. It is doing it's job with, not more than needed, resources. There have been a very specific and tricky question - as QNX and Linux have been already here: why to port the application to Windows-NT, when there is also a viable option to stay with Unix-like OS - QNX or Linux. But - once again- money won the battle over technical reasoning of engineers and we spend lot of time to port Unix applications to Windows, instead to QNX or Linux. ... as we also have to live from something.

Anyway - this is one of reasons, why today's success of Android is for us, technicians, well understandable.
We support it, develop for Android and follow its current success.
But there is still a long way to go / many dangers are lurking along the way. One of the biggest, still technically unresolved, it the intrinsic conflict between openness and security. This dilemma is an basic feature of IT systems, especially of the open ones - with published source code.
And it is actually not specific to IT systems. We see the same pattern also in current modern society, where the strive for openness is bringing a new problems for safety and security. There is a clear idea beyond forcing openness in society - as open society is inner-stronger. But, there is a big -but-: principles of openness have to developed/applied wisely, with know-how and clear rules which have to be enforced by law and common sense. And this is not always the case today, in our current society. We see similar bad patterns of social engineering as during the communist-time in the former East-Block. A Déjá vu feeling is strong. The Android OS is today widely adopted by business and there is a common understanding that this is a viable solution for future. The same attitude is needed for our open society. But to achieve this, one have to do the same work on system, as the developers of Unix, Linux and Android did, for last 30 years.
So far we do not see people of such quality among those, who rule this world. Maybe they have to look around software developers and learn their lessons.

So, we wish Android to find a better way to the future, than it's predecessors, like HP-UX - and not to die upon greed of its owners.

Summer 2016: Project-work in progress.

Monday, July 07, 2016 08:00

Year 2016 in full swing, brings us some new projects: WEB client/server Back Office application. We use Vaadin to deliver GUI in responsive design - easily adaptable to all three major platforms today: PC, Tablet and Mobile phone. Looks nice! Design is developed by company Neomind in Munich.

Our CAD/CAM software team deals with new tasks of optimization and vector graphic, to get the system to top-level functionality. We are using optimization libraries from Fraunhofer institute and Siemens - all german products, from their bright times of IT revolution. We extended the team for new programmers, so having a solid know-how base for C# development.

Our Austrian customer is delivering a new update of Back Office software for its customers, we use our know-how in mass transportation to help to get over such tricky tasks. Stress-y, but by 10th of July this should be over.

Our Web application for Sps, owned by to process shipments in Web shops, remained without support. Supposedly not needed... Well, we take it as a sign of trust into quality of our software :-)

End of the Year 2015: The reality of 2016 will be better than expected by now.

Monday, Dec 28, 2015 08:00

We wish you all the best into 2016!

Our company has a successful year 2015 beyond and in-spite of current mood, we are optimistic for 2016.

Do not let general negative predictions influence your decisions. There is no real danger for further economic prosperity. Yes, the European and US politics are making lot of wrong decisions, but, they do not manage our companies. We do. So please bear in mind: "No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future"

August 2015: Overtaking Nokia by Microsoft - story evolves in predicted direction.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 08:00

In the past three years we have commented this deal with a general judgment, that this might be a kiss of death for Nokia and ist Smartphone business.
Well, the latest news from DowJones Newswires is worth citing:
DJ Microsoft to Cut 7,800 Jobs Amid Phone Woes--2nd Update 08-7-2015
By Chelsey Dulaney

Microsoft Corp. unveiled plans Wednesday to cut up to 7,800 jobs and take a $7.6 billion write-down related to its 2013 purchase of Nokia Corp.'s handset business.
In addition to the write-down, which will be booked in its fiscal fourth quarter, Microsoft said it also would take a restructuring charge of $750 million to $850 million. The company expects the moves to be "substantially complete" by the end of the calendar year.

"We are moving from a strategy to grow a stand-alone phone business to a strategy to grow and create a vibrant Windows ecosystem including our first-party device family," Chief Executive Satya Nadella said in an email to employees. Most of the job cuts will come from the phone business.

The $9 billion Nokia deal--struck by Mr. Nadella's predecessor Steve Ballmer in late 2013--was supposed to make Microsoft a relevant player in smartphones. Instead, the company's Windows smartphones lost market share and bled red ink.
In June, Microsoft reshuffled its executive ranks, the latest sign that it is hitting the reset button on its smartphone hardware business. The moves included the departure of former Nokia chief Stephen Elop.
Microsoft said future prospects for the phone hardware segment are now below its original expectations.
Microsoft had warned recently that it planned to cut costs at its smartphone business and other hardware units. Its struggling Nokia unit was targeted for thousands of job cuts in the biggest layoffs in Microsoft's history, announced last year.

As of March 31, Microsoft said it had cut 18,000 jobs, according to a regulatory filing.

Does anybody know what does "to grow and create a vibrant Windows ecosystem including our first-party device family" means?
This is not IT, this is not mobile communication, this is not viable, nor understandable. This is pure marketing blabla, issued by CEO to its employees. This is not how a serious business is made.
Where is this road going to? The answer will be revealed in the near future.

Summer 2015: Quality of Software - it is killing already.

Monday, May 25, 2015 08:00

The quality of the software is generally very bad. It is lagging far behind of the level of the other industries - like aircrafts. But / nobody talks about this and, especially the IT industry is very reluctant to take this point. And when the IT companies are talking about the software quality, - than mainly in positive connotations, where they measures and effort to achieve quality is pronounced.
But the reality can not be tricked-out by promotion for long time. As you know.... with the time lapsing, the truth becomes stronger, whereas a lie becomes weaker. In the last week, the newest Airbus A400M military aircraft crashed in the blast of smoke and fire into ground after a software-error stopped all his engines. During the flight.

Seeing this, one can remember the considerations of Sir Stephen Hawking a few month ago, about a danger of Artificial Intelligence to mankind:

No no,..., this tragedy was caused solely by an human error - an programmer made an mistake and nobody through the whole software quality assurance process at Airbus discovered this ... it was left upon that unlucky crew members, dying at the accident.
There is another, yet interesting point to this: many IT experts have been commenting on Hawking's theory in dividing into two opposite opinions: YES, it is a danger to mankind and NO, there is no need to worry about AI to take mankind over. Google for example says YES, we should be aware of this danger and react properly. Whereas Microsoft (through their Chief Technological Officer) says no, there is no need to worry about this.
Well, knowing Microsoft software and products, this "no worry" opinion fits well into overall picture of today's world, steered by those big international corporations and by money. Microsoft software surely plays also a big role at Airbus, when designing the new Aircrafts. With its "Visual Tools", where the companies can save time and money and "everybody" can learn programming and be a programmer, one have to think also about possible outcome of this. Not only savings are important. The resulting quality is here, with this trend, compromised. I myself am a private pilot and I am throwing every computer out of cockpit so far is it possible. At Airbus or Boeing - there are other interests and big IT companies at steering wheel, which is the reason for designing more and more computerized flying -and killing- machines to date.
I, as a pilot myself, am more and more worried in the moment where my seat-belt clicks before start, sitting the big fully-computerized aircraft.

March/April 2015: News

Monday, Feb 23, 2015 16:00

Some news for 2015: we are building-up the new business relationship with customer in Germany. This are projects with Android Mobile Applications. Using our know-how in Android, mobile apps. We follow closely, what happens with Nokia now... as we mentioned sooner.

Also new developers are joining our team, to help with legacy WindowsCE applications.

Bratislava and Slovakia is attracting more and more big international IT and Telco names, to deploy local workforce for global services. After Siemens, IBM, Lenovo, T-Systems, AT&T also IT of Amazon is coming. We see new possibilities also for middle and smaller names, as the workforce gets new level of experience with multi-national working environment. The companies are recognizing preferable conditions which is Bratislava offering, when compared to Czech, Polish oder Hungarian metropolitan areas. With current EUR/USD exchange rate drop, labor in EUR area becomes cheaper and thus being more attractive also for US customers. Maybe the right time to hedge EUR/USD pair is coming soon.

More on technical note: do you know/use Boost? Some of our developers have intimate knowledge of it, got while participating on the project. So if are looking you multi-platform c++ library, this might be right choice for you.

March 2014: Mobile giant catch the straw (or the Android)

Monday, March 17, 2014 16:00

It is extraordinary interesting, to follow the life story of company Nokia. Our interest is professional, as we develop application for smartphones and Nokia is one of the major producers of them. The last status, was, that NOKIA was sold to Microsoft. If you look further down this news blog, you will see that our opinion to this acquisition was, that it might be a kiss of death for Nokia. And, this is surely strongly contradictory to what Microsoft and Nokia are saying.

So, what are the latest news?
In the February 2014, Nokia announced, that the next smartphone will be based on Operating System from Google - Android. More information can be found for example here:

This is a very surprising decision from company, owned by Microsoft, who is the producer of mobile operating system Windows Mobile. It is like if Mercedes-Benz would not produce their cars themselves, but buy them from Kia in South Korea. And just stick the logo on the bumper. Such transactions are today very common and surely make sense, from business view of point. But, it says also something about technical background of the company. From a business point of view - this might be a right decision, as it might help Nokia to survive on the smartphone's market.

When Nokia survives, it will be a positive message, because of at least this reasons:
- every standalone producer more, is good for consumer
- Nokia's phones are good, as far as hardware goes. Their cameras for example are still the best.
And at last but not least, we hope that when Microsoft will be using and adapting Android operating system, they might learn on how a to do a good OS and improve their own product and operating systems to Android level. As of massive market share of Microsoft products, this might be the most valuable effect of Nokia staying alive with smartphones and using Android. And, by the way also one negative effect will occur: our prediction will turn to be wrong. But we gladly exchange this for benefits, as above.

So, we keep fingers crossed for Nokia's Android phones and will follow the story further.

November 2013: New offices for Solver IT.

Monday, November 11, 2013 09:00

In this year, we have got a new offices.
Our office in Bratislava has moved to fresh new offices, near to city downtown of Bratislava, in location called Kramare.
4 floors offer now enough space for our development teams and care for more relaxed work conditions.
Own parking place adds an important relaxed feature to our guests and developers, when coming to us by car.
So please bear in mind a new address: Uhrova 20, Bratislava Kramare.
And also in the night, our blue logo will lead you to us.

September, October 2013: Mobile computing news

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 16:00

It is evolving.
More movement is coming into the market.
What do you need? Device and software.

As for device, the hardware is, all always, far more advanced before software, Thus, newest mobile phones are rugged, versatile and durable. One of the best examples is CAT B15 mobile. Such devices compare in ruggedness easily with industrial computes and in such way, attack the last post of defense for industrial computers. This battle will be having a clear winner - mobile phone.
The same way as PDA's evaporated from the market, the Industrial computer is the next victim of the attack of mobile phones. Having billions of items produced, thus far less expensive and more versatile than any specialized computer can ever be, mobiles will roll over industrial computers clearly in short time.

On the other hand - the software, as always, is lagging behind the hardware. Slow, buggy and annoying to the user, it still has lot to offer for enhancements. We count with Andorid and iOS, nothing else in sight. One may ask for Windows Mobile, but..., what the users say is clear: slower than previous versions. This is not the right way, how the new version should present itself.
The recent news - the buy of Nokia by Microsoft is, in this line of sight, merely a kiss of death for Nokia. Our assumption is, that some clever people will buy out the "cheap low end" line of mobile phones from Nokia and the rest - smartphones will, under the supervision of Microsoft, will die in few years.

Looking forward, what happens!

Lukas Benedikt,
Bratislava, Slovakia.

May, June 2013: Computing is moving mobile.

Monday, May 6, 2013 09:00

Yes and it is right. There is a plenty of space for new applications and productivity increase in many branches. All distributed businesess will benefit from new generation of the mobile computing devices, which will be basically all smart phones.
This trend was clear even few years ago, when we predicted the death of PDA's in favor of smart phones. What was unpleasant was weakness of Nokia, which was cause for death of Symbian. But we are lucky of Google being here and providing us with Andorid, the future Operating system for mobiles.

As with every technology, also mobile computing has its dark sides, being now represented by plethora of useless, misleading applications, which will be source of desillusions for end-users and will thus slow-down the whole market development.

Some examples?

Nobody really wants to read a book in its smartphone, or to perform any spreadsheet calculation. This is nonsence. The same is with review of statistic data or business presentations. You do not want to make an important business decisions on your smartphone. Do not do it. By side it is unconfortable, it is also dangerous, as the smartphones remain very vulnerable of hackers and attack, compromising your data.

By side of all of this, smartphones are the future. We see clear decline in desktop PC sales, steady status on server side, as WEB will evolve further and smartphones will continue to fly. On side of applications and software, the view is also pretty clear, as would the stock analyst say: sell Nokia, Microsoft, Facebook, HP, SAP... and all sly, dinosaures. And buy Google, Samsung, RedHat … and all new, more honest newcomers, which understood, that quality of the product for customer is better than greed.

January 2013: We wish you the right turn into 2013!

Monday, Jan 06, 2013 09:00

As the year 2013 begins, our company wish all the best to you personally and also to your business.
Times are tough, …., no no, not tough this is not the right word for what is happening. More accurate would be: finally – the needed change is coming.
The change is for a real trustworthy deeds, which are inline with words and promotions. Such approach to business is near to extinction, in last years. Nonetheless, we believe, that what is today in press called as “crisis” is in reality the needed, unavoidable change, which is coming. This is the real “shift” needed, as there is no economical or financial crisis. It is just and simple a crisis of common moral and ethic. Such basic attributes disappeared from our business life, starting from Wall Street gluttons years ago and spreading fast into the whole world of business.
We believe, that there are still wise people out there at our customers, which know, with Woodrow Wilson: "Only the man who is swimming against the stream knows the real strength of it." We wish you enough to power to reach t your goals in 2013, as they are located upstream, not downstream.

October/November 2012: MobileProfi – the right application for your mobile phone.

Monday, October 05, 2012 09:00

Mobile phones improve its usability and features at fast pace. Computing power and memory packed in your latest smart-phone is now comparable to older desktop PC-s. Enhanced operating system – Android, new software applications, durability and added bar code scanning function are features which makes the newest smart-phones even with the more specialized and expensive mobile devices - hand-held computers. Similar change happened in the past 5 years - the mobile phones squeezed PDAs out of the market. And now, they will do the same with hand-held computers used in mobile business applications. Our customers follow this technology swap and prepare with porting the current mobile business applications on Android mobile phones, enabled with bar code scanning functionality. At the same time, the price for such advanced smart-phones sinks daily and with a price plan from your operator, the investment into hardware can be as low as zero. If you strive to sink TOC for your mobile business application, ask us for references and non-binding project proposal.

August/September 2012: IT for government - continued.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012 09:00

More of problems popped-up, with IT systems delivered lately to government: new tax system for 10mio EUR is abandoned and the old system is back, to do the job. Media are discussing about if this will end in lawsuit, as IBM wants to get their money independently from the fact, that delivered software does not do its job. Let see how it ends – how valuable customer the Slovakian government is. I assume it is a valuable customer – so there will be no lawsuit.
Similar situation happens now in Czech republic with new distributed IT system for vehicles registration – huge problems, minister nearly dismissed, people can not register their new cars for 2 weeks. What is my point?
At the same time, we are getting offers, to provide programming workforce for such governmental projects, with rates around 6-8thousand EUR per month. Well, this is 2 - 4 times the average rate on the market and a clear sign for the fact, that working for government is a very lucrative job. This way, a damage is doubled – it occurs on both sides. Front side is - the delivered software full of flaws, where the damage is estimated for 73millions EUR for failed tax system and second - Back side, more darker and not so clearly visible – even bigger damage in IT labour market - as programmers leave their -stable but less paid- jobs for such fortune. They will get this money for some time... and than? What job they will accept after this? I saw many of them going over to vegetative limbo – hanging on Labor office rather than going back to work for lower salary.
My assumption is, that this damage is bigger than those 73millons on Front side of the story.

July/August 2012: Hot summer in the central Europe.

Monday, July 02, 2012 09:00

This summer begins hot in central EU. Temperature climbs far above 30deg Celsius and it shows, that climate is really changing - our area is getting warmer. If this is global effect, we do not know as we do not perceive the weather globally, but locally, where we live. Yes, it might be that also other parts of world gets warmer, as we see it from melting glaciers in Alps. But this all is still only a small fraction of Earth size and surface and volume of the atmosphere. Majority of the energy and volume is in and above the oceans, less populated, with no media attention and supervision. Those - most important - data and measurements are processed by international corporations and research organizations, which are collecting, processing and interpreting enough data to get a true global picture of our climate. Such way, only small group of people has this picture and than can share it with rest of us - through its medial presentations and outputs. We, local people are dependent upon their messages. But what to do when those messages are contradictory? How can happen, when one scientist interprets the collected data as "not harming" and other bangs alert to save the Earth from over warming? Whereas the basic underlying physical process is as simple as measuring the temperature of the air.
imagine you do not only measure a temperature of the air, but a satisfaction of a person, with an new IT system. Such measurement is nearly impossible, as it is based on people's emotions. With cost effectiveness, processes, organizational problems to be solved in companies ... it is similar. On the end of every business process analysis, you always find a person - human being - which acts in this process and decides about its success or failure... or about hot and cold.
This is why our IT systems are not made in laboratories, but have to be designed on-site, with people who will be using it. Only intimate knowledge of the process and of solution for it, which should be as close as possible to known Occam razor: "Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem" can assure, that a new IT system will deliver what the sales persons promised.

April/May 2012: How can IBM deliver unusable IT project?

Monday, April 02, 2012 09:00

Have you ever seen a list of all certifications, the IT Corporation like IBM has got? I think they do not miss a single one. They are beyond this trivial certifications for business process engineering, software engineering, process optimization and whatever you can imagine on this world of business. They think in advance and do care not only for IT of its customers, but also for the whole Earth, in number of environmental and social initiatives.
The same is true for people - experts working for IBM. I know few of them and this people are a reall créme de la créme of IT industry.
And the real world example: this supplier has in the last months developed and delivered a new Information System for Slovakian government - specifically for tax office. Worth - multi millions of EURs.
And a result of this project? The system is not working.
After few months of disputes and examinations if it is working or not, if the flaws are fixable or not... the customer decided to return to the old software. Hmm, sad story as such.
We, independent observers can at least ask the question: how it is possible, that such superior supplier can deliver software full of flaws? This is unclear to us.
And on top of all: we, Slovakian taxpayers, will be paying this nonworking software. This is only certainty we have, because as stated in press, the customer will be paying the full sum for rejected system, in spite of not using it and returning to the old system. This is the example of selling capabilities of the IBM sales managers.
Résumé: this story shows that in IBM sales managers are even much more capable than their software engineers. Superior sales person is more of an advantage, than superior programmer.
Do not be scared: we will not go the way, the IBM is going. But such real world examples are showing, how hard for us is it, to stay away of it.

March 2012: Andorid on the right track

Monday, March 05, 2012 09:00

It seems so, that Android is on the right track. Number of newly purchased devices and applications available is huge. It shows the power of right idea. New Samsung Galaxy phone is coming soon, with Ice Cream Sandwitch. Of course, nothing is perfect and - there is lot of work to be done for Applications to be mature enough. It is understandable, as we are in the Year 5 of this Operating system. Just remember, how Windows 3.1 worked and what it really delivered, back in 1990... So now we work with our customers, to get most of it for them. We have new requests and projects for parcel delivery and field support. As a result, we are looking for new developers, to join our team. If you know somebody, let us know :-}

December 2011: Relaxing and quiet Christmas 2011

Monday, December 05, 2011 09:00

And, it is good time to think a little bit, look back to review what happened, and, if there is such wish, to draw some, hopefully correct, conclusions for the future.
This year, we saw:
- mobile devices with OS Android entered the market and formed a sucessful competition to fashionable iOS devices.
- death of OS Symbian, by hand of its careless parent - Nokia. Hand with lethal weapon was led by Microsoft. This might be also an end for Smartphones made by Nokia, as - after so much lies and untrustworthy behavior of Microsoft in the past - we do not believe in what they say.
Economical problems of Nokia have its roots in software development, which , with Microsoft, is by far not resolved, on the contrary, we think that Microsoft is not able to help someone to do better software. Anything else is just marketing.
- End of Sun Microsystems, being swallowed by Oracle Corporation. According first news from insiders, this works so far well, internal culture seems to be positive towards what was purchased from Sun, so, we hope that J2EE technology will survive. Not only because of Oracle, but of vital business interest, it has got a wide support around the world, as it is simply the right software and technology, addressing the needs of customers and doing its job in right way.
It is amazing, to follow the paths of Open Source software, which, in spite of predictions from commercial gurus like Oracle, Microsoft or Adobe, gains more and more weight and interest and acceptance also in end user world. Yet, another example is OS Andorid, based on Linux architecture. Discovering the ./etc, mnt ... directories on fashionable, windowz-like gadget is fun.
- Many new interesting products from Google. They move forward, step by step, doing simply the right things (mostly).
What is happening today at Google - this is actually what was promised during .com hype around year 2000. Now, it is up to Google, to make this promises to happen. Where are those thousand of stupid investors, which invested into fake .com start-ups at that time? Now, they have to invest into Googlenomy - an economic based on WEB and Google products.
Oh, I know... they invest into Cloud Computing - buzzword which does currently bulldoze the market so clearly, that also Google itself is using it to market its WEB products properly.
We have first applications on Android market, so, the future is coming.
It will be interesting year 2012, ahead of us. It seems so, that western society is overloaded by too much lies, cheating and fakes from top-up politicians, down to last slum. This is not economical, banking or business crisis - this is moral crisis one and only. Stupid and non-moral politicians are making it only worse and by printing new paper money. They try to bail-out the culprit ones and punish the innocents. Whoever has not caused this problems - will be punished. Sorry for this, but you know... "whatever will not kill you - it makes you stronger".
We wish all our customers, employees and friends quiet and relaxing end of the year 2011.
Do not let the consum fever to gain controll over you. Maybe it is time to step back and dream a little bit. Because, nothing happens, unless first we dream.
Happy New Year 2012!

November 2011: Mobile applications and outsourced IT support.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 09:00

Android devices are showing its potential. New mobile phones, with powerful hardware and intelligent software -without annoying bugs- provides a powerful platform for business applications. We extend our mobile parcel delivery application for new features, of which the 1D and 2D bar code scanning is the most important.
We maintain IT server infrastructure for our customer. Server for accounting, finance, inventory and business process, running Linux, Oracle and business applications are kept up-to date and running in 5/7/12 mode, including standby backup servers. Here we deploy our unique backup and recovery schema, together with automatic incident notification per GPRS and SMS.

September/October 2011: New projects and technologies

Monday, September 05, 2011 09:00

The new technologies are taking its place in IT, as promoted during last 10 years. What was than promoted, becomes reality now. Also our customers are getting to the point, where the new technologies are mature enough, to move from marketing buzzwords into a real world usage.
No nooo...., Cloud computing is it NOT.
It is client-server technology of .NET, being promoted first in 1999, being mature enough now, to be used for serious application. Our customer in USA, decided to port its big software system using Windows Presentation Foundation and latest .NET. We also admire the decision to use Jira and Subversion. This gives us chance to forgett about SourceSafe, a horrible Microsoft product to control software versions. Source Safe being replaced by Subversion in Microsoft's products, emerging from OpenSource community...
Another customer, this time european one, will re-implement its big back-office system, using latest client-server technologies. Reason is simple: what you get today with matured server technologies, is what you need and in the past - one have to programm it itself. Now, it is "included", like versionable data modell, scalability and independence from client. There is J2EE or .NET technology to choose from.
We have finished an inventory module for our Organizer information system, with special functions to return unused materials and items. Especially usefull for customers, processing raw materials, like plates or bars of raw material. Returend material or its parts can be than effectively re-used in subsequents orders. This saves the costs.

July/August 2011: Cloud computing: what is the reality?

Monday, Jun 27, 2011 09:00

Today, we just cite from an article of Dion Hinchcliff, on ebiz
"What Does Cloud Computing Actually Cost?

Windows costs at least 20% more to run in the cloud.
Both Microsoft and Amazon offer almost identical pricing for Windows instances while Google App Engine is not even a player in Windows compute clouds. There are undoubtedly cheaper offerings from smaller clouds but they are less likely to be suitable for enterprise use, though certainly there are exceptions.
Subscriptions will be one of the lock-in models for cloud computing
Pre-pay for your cloud to get the most value and you'll get great prices. But you'll be committed to providers for years potentially without a way to leave without stranded investments.
Better elasticity does not confer major price advantages.
GAE is one of the most granular of the cloud computing services, only requiring for you to pay for what you actually use (for example, you have to commit to at least an hour of compute time at a time from Amazon) but does not provide a major cost advantage for large applications.
You can't pay more for better uptime and existing SLAs are not sufficient for important business systems.
It's unclear why, given open questions about cloud reliability, why no vendors will offer differentiated service where enterprises can pay more for a better SLA. The best you can get right now is also the worst, or 99.95% uptime. This is about 4 hours of expected but unscheduled downtime a year. For business critical applications, this is still too much. This will end up being an opportunity for other vendors entering the space though I expect the Big 3 listed here will improve their SLAs over time as they mature.

May/June 2011: Cloud computing: next marketing trick for the bigs and stupid.

Monday, May 09, 2011 09:00

Cloud computing - a new "hype" buzzword in IT, found in marketing of all IT companies around the world.
The Cloud Computing is nothing else, than a new, latest, IT buzzword with no real content.
It is no real technology, software or hardware. It is just a marketing and bussines construct, to cloud the reality before eyes and minds of the customers.
Such IT "Cloud" has one main purpose: to generate a dense marketing mist - the Cloud is nothing else than a dense mist - so that customer can not see, follow or distinguish, what is he paying for. I assume, that the original author of this buzzword had such intellectuall anagram in mind, when he was inventing this buzzword. This anagram is known to IT insiders, but it is in vital interst -of their own profits- to keep it unspoken.
But, to be clear, of course that there are real and sensefull technologies beyond cloud computing. But those technologes are not new, have its names, like distributed computing, WEB services, "application as a service" and "computing as a service". All this is known, it is WEB technology developed in the last 10 years, mainly in Open Source community and Sun Microsystems. Cloud computing is nothing else, than a new marketing wrap-up of the old marketing watchword of the Sun Microsystems company: "The Net is the computer". This buzzword is even re-cycled! Because alredy at the beginnning of this century we had another well known hype around this, at that time under the name ".com"
We all know the history of .com buzzword. And from Cloud Computing, one can not expect anything else. In a few years, when it fulfills it purpose to generate enough profit for rich IT companies, it will fade away and will be substituted with another "nice looking and modern" IT buzzword. There is already one, just around the corner...
CloudComputing and Microsoft
CloudComputing and Oracle

February/March 2011: The end for Smartphones from Nokia.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 09:00

2011 will be a year full of changes. Economics and also technology will evolve. Some new technologies matured enough to be introduced for real life and our projects.
Others are coming in age and will leave, to make a place for newcomers. Sadly to said, but it is true, one of them is the mobile operating system from Nokia - Symbian. Symbian is today the most widespreaded operating system for Smartphones, but... company Nokia has been so long praised as "the technology miracle from Finnland" or "how to evolve from trees-cutting to Hi-Tech", that the Nokia company felt down to ground.
In a fact, what we see around in the bussines world is: if some company appers to be in flashlight of famous bussines advisors as "the best", than... be carefull, it usually means that there is something wrong in there.
Nokia agreed with Microsoft, that the next Smartphones from Nokia will have Mircosoft Mobile Operating System, or whatever the name of it will be.
We think, this is the last nail into coffin of good Smartphones from Nokia and ... future mobile project will be done for Android. We are already porting the existing applications.
Rest in piece, Symbian.

November, December 2010: end of the year - a lot of software to be delivered.

Monday, November 01, 2010 09:00

We are finishing an application for mobile phones, for couriers delivering parcels to your doors.
We also deliver an application to support internal business process of parcel company.
Austrian bus and rail companies are getting a new version of back-office system, capable to exchange the data according VDV protocols.
Bratislava airport: liquid fuels storage is getting a new version of their Back-Office system from us.
A Back-Office will also help to company Kavomaty to manage more than thousand vending machines, installed over the whole country... ... and our big customer in USA is doing a major release of his CAD-CAM software. Ten developers are finishing all features, customers worlwide needs.
So - if you want us to solve some of your IT problems - OK, but... next year please. Thank you for your understanding and wish you a quiet and relaxing end of 2010.

September, October 2010: Outsourcing for decision makers.

Monday, September 06, 2010 09:00

BITKOM, Bundesverband fuer Informationwirtschaft Telekomunikation und Neue Medien, is organising an Outsourcing conference in Frankfurt - Entscheiderforum Outsourcing. We attend to meet our clients and discuss our experience with Outsourcing.

July, August 2010: Another application for logistics and parcel service.

Monday, July 05, 2010 09:00

With our logistics and parcel customer, we develop during this summer a new application for online and offline synchronisation of parcels. It uses standard Windows .NET technology for desktop client and also a WEB version, for online collaboration. This gives the customer the maximim flexibility and ensurance, that his business process will be not affected by Internet link connection breakdown. This is because today, still, the nicest and very advanced applications, based on WEB technologies often fail, if used hundreds of kilometers off the main hubs, where reliable TCP/IP is not everyday reality. Our application can communicate via carrier pigeon, snail mail, telephone or TCP/IP. Such flexibility is what we like to do.

May, Jun 2010: Outsourcing alone will not save the world.

Monday, April 19, 2010 09:00

Togehter with an german association for Informatics - Bitkom,, we prepare an article for a new Book "Best practicies in Outsourcing". This Publication will be available in September 2010, on annual conference "Entschiederforum Outsourcing", organised by Bitkom in Germany. Central topic will be "Lessons learned", in our twenty years of experience on the IT Outsourcing market.

February 2010: Cold winter - cold business.

Monday, 01 February 2010 09:00

We have a very cold start of the year 2010, here in Europe.
Nobody is perfect. So now, we found a time to improve our internall processes, to serve our customers even better.
Goal is to improve our ability to deliver in fixed time & price, without compromises and make the feedback-loop of customer's satisfaction even tighter. For sake of our outputs and customers. Lets try it!

December 2009: Marry christmas and happy New year 2010!

Monday, 30 November 2009 09:00

Time is running.
We wish you quiet and relaxing Christmas time.
Stop, take a breath, .. think... read books, switch off TV, talk to people around you and ...move your body.

October 2009: We resolved a small problem for big parcel service company.

Monday, 27 September 2009 09:00

A big parcel service company had a problem with bar code scanners used to automate data entry for parcels in a big parcel storage. We delivered a new hardware and software and integrated it into existing IT system. New scanning solution is intelligent, using capabilities of smart scanners to eliminate the need of manual entries and corrections. Our customer is satisfied, it works. We too...

August - September 2009: Summer update of our software - visualisation tool for paving.

Monday, 27 July 2009 09:00

Hot summer days, our kids are on holidays so ... we did a holiday too. Common holidays with kids - this is why live this life.
But still, we managed to deliver a new version of special visualisation programm for paving and design of garden. Our customer in USA, makes a big deal with this tool, showing their customers, how their house and garden wil be looking like, after face-lift.

Jun - July 2009: Stop filing EXCEL sheets and start working!

Monday, 01 Jun 2009 09:37

We provide a new automated acitivity and work report for all those, sitting a whole day in front of computer. This leavs you free of thinking about what to write into an emtpy Excel sheet, at the end of a day.

April - May 2009: A new outsourced Project in Croatia

Monday, 06 April 2009 09:37

We provide our IT support services to a new customer in Zagreb, Croatia. It is a known parcel service company, where - during workdays - we deliver application support for their business application.

February - March 2009: IS Organiser is expanding

Wednesday, 04 February 2009 09:37

We finished installation of another customized IS Organizer system at our customer in eastern Slovakia. Further extensions are already in the pipeline.
Also, we talk to one local IS systems provider to overtake its business, to expand our customer base in Slovakia. We will let you know, if it worked for all sides. Stay tuned.

End of 2008, beginning 2009

Monday, 01 December 2008 09:26

For the Christmas time, we wish all of our customers and friends quiet and nice holidays. Use it for to relax your body and soul. Use it, to think about yourself and our society.
For example in this way: Dustman will tomorrow dispose a dump of things, which - just yesterday - someone "must have".

Oct - Nov 2008 - new customer: UPS

Tuesday, 30 September 2008 00:00

From September 2008, we maintain and develop a special application for UPS. UPS is a well known parcel service. Application is client-server, with Delphi and Oracle technology. It calculates prices and follows every package. We will also help UPS to deploy this application in other european countries.

September 2008: WEB portal for an geman bank

Wednesday, 20 August 2008 16:02

In the past, we helped our customer to develop a WEB portal for on-line dealing system for Gold and precious metals. On-line shop and dealing system is used by german bank, to sell and buy gold and precious metals. Investment into gold has become very popular these days so, the project goes on. Now, we are extending this system for numismatic part and also rebranding it for different european countries and languages.
Technologies used are: Java, J2EE, CRM open source frameworks. Database engine is in this case Microsoft MsSQL Server.

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