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Organizer - organize your company

Organizer is small and smart information system for managing core business processes in small/middle sized companies, with need to increase quality, effectiveness and work productivity, decrease costs, improve the understanding of what is happening in your company and how much it costs.


Organizer is the client-server application, with central database server. Client runs on any PCs with Windows OS. System has common, reusable base module, which is proven in many installations.

The basic module provides all standard functionality for modern IT system:

simultaneous access to the System - scalable from 2 to 500 employers, user rights depending on employee position/role, remote access over WEB, user and data security, data backup, printing and reporting, email communication, messages and reminders and export/import from/to other systems.
Upon Base Module, a customer specific extensions are provided, to fit the specific customer needs.

Following extensions-modules are already implemented:

  • staff and salary records, customers records
  • customers records, simple CMS
  • business workflow = offering->contracting->production->storage->packaging->delivery
  • process workflows with work auditing
  • project management
  • data analyze and visualization
  • storage management with modern mobile devices, barcodes and RFID chips
  • reports and statistics: costs, revenue, profit, worktime reports and worksheets
But the most important feature of IS Organizer is its flexibility and customer affinity. It does not bend your Rules, instead, it follows your needs and processes, to fit into your business needs.

On the top level, we have following examples of customer installations:

  • project management - especially for IT companies. We use Organizer to organize ourselves, of course.
  • manufacturing company
  • construction company - construction management and services
  • warehouse of liquid products
If you have an IT related problem at hand to be resolved - let us know. We will analyze and present our proposal for solution free of charge for you.

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