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Solver is an softwarehouse providing outsourcing of IT solution development for successful companies worldwide. Solver itself has 20 years of experience with outsourcing of IT services, we have grown with it. As outsourcing is still an buzzword, let us answer following simple questions for you:

Why outsourcing at all?

Outsourcing became a popular buzzword in business and management in the mid-1990s - today it is an everyday need of successful companies. In IT, outsourcing found an especially strong interest, as IT business is based on information. And information, can be transferred almost from any place of the globe in few seconds and almost for free! This makes it extremely globalized and therefore also highly competitive. You can hire very cheap and yet qualified (or highly qualified and yet cheap) manpower easily and if you do not do so, your competitors do. You are loosing your competitive advantage.

Why Slovakia can be the best choice for outsourcing?

We know, that we compete with traditionall countries for outsourcing like India or China. What we can take advantage of, is: The unique balance of stability and education level on one side and motivation and low expenses on other side make Slovakia the right choice for outsourcing of IT development these days.
  • Slovakia became member of European Union in May 2004
  • There is high education level in Slovakia - especially in engineering and natural sciences
  • Slovakian people are traditionally very motivated, goal-oriented and diligent
  • There is no problem with infrastructure or language barrier in Slovakia
  • We can offer the best/price performance ratio on the market
  • Our offices are in close proximity to markets with high demand for IT services. IT projects are very complex undertakings, which need high level of coordination and interpersonal communication. At that point, you will discover how important is ability to meet face to face in few hours.

Why Solver is the best choice for outsourcing in Slovakia?

  • Solver has 20 years of experience with outsourcing of IT services. In that time, we delivered more than 60 projects. We performed outsourcing project in time, where our competitors did only "box shifting", with reselling hardware. They made more money, we got more experiences
  • Majority of our projects was IT development for foreign customers, D, USA, AUT, GB. Our developers are used to work in international teams
  • Solver have a core senior project management team, with seniors able to communicate with project managers and customers and participate on analysis in project specification phase
  • Our seniors are qualified and responsible for solution design, planning and leading programming, quality assurance and deployment teams
We know, what it takes to deliver a sucessful outsourced IT project.

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