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Java projects

WEB portals

Set of WEB portals for Intra- and Extra-net purposes. With WEB portals projects, we apply framework for both major technologies: J2EE and .NET, to shorten time to market and sink the implementation costs.
Customer Media (TV), SportClubs.
Tecnology J2EE, Application servers, JBoss portal, WebDAV, Lucene, JDO.

WEB workflow system

Workflow system for large international wholesale corporation. We develop modules and interfaces, extending the system. This is worldwide used WEB client/server solution, woirh more hundreds clients of APPLE and PC.
Tecnology J2EE

WEB module for annotating uploaded Artworks(PDF documents)

Web module consists of Applet that provides functionality for viewing and annotating images (uploaded and postprocessed PDF documents). It was deployed as enterprise archive that was integrated into existing J2EE workflow application developed by the customer.
Customer RS MediaGroup AG

Distributed Industrial System - J2EE and .NET client-server application to manage a distributed network of special terminals

Distributed network is managed by J2EE based server, with modern extensions to provide best price/performance ratio solution for distributed industrial application.
Customer Developed for a big german customer.
Tecnology JBoss, RDBMS, Quartz scheduler, native HTML, .NET or special clients. Server is scallable from few, up to hundreds of clients.

WEB portal - truck management over WEB

WEB portal for managing trucks, deploying GSM and mobile clients (PDA).
Customer Web application, more than hundred clients at Truck24 Ag, Germany.
Tecnology EJB, Offbiz, Orion application server, Java, Oracle, Linux, Apache.

WEB - ASP automarking engine/tools for CAD/CAM

Java based remote administration for ASP site.
Customer ASP application of Assyst GmbH, Germany.
Tecnology Apptivity, Java, Oracle.

WEB B2C: color calibration of computer screen & WEB browser

Servlets for calibration of monitor and browser deploying ICC color profiles.
Customer Web - server based application at Pantone Inc. USA.
Tecnology Java, many WEB servers, Color Management systems Win2000, MacOS, ICC profiles.

WEB B2C: applets for Color Picker - for merchandising of goods

Presentation & selection of colors for variations of goods merchandised.
Customer Web - browser based aplication at Pantone Inc. USA.
Tecnology Java, many WEB browsers for Windows & MacOS.

Library & tools for CAD/CAM data exchange

Developed universal data model for CAD/CAM garment model, Java UIF & advanced features for garment industry added. Eight industry CAD/CAM data formats reverse-engineered and supported. Data exchange & synchronisation with major ERP systems designed, developed.
Customer More than hundred times, worldwide.
Tecnology HP-UX, WinNT, Java, C++, C, reverse-engineering of data formats, OO analysis & design, SAP, AS400, DB/2.

Advanced raster/vector true-color graphicall editor

Complete development, with advanced raster & vector tools (brushes), scanning, printing, graphicall data export/import, color management, special features for designers, image cataloguing. Partly ported to Java.
Customer Garment designers, worldwide.
Tecnology HP-UX, Windows2000, Java, JDK, Motif, Xlib, NutCracker, Oracle.

Product Data Management (PDM) system

Information system for industry. Analysis, development & support, porting of this system from C to Java and from HP-UX to Windows 2000.
Customer Production industry, worldwide.
Tecnology HP-UX, Windows2000, Java, JDK, C++, MFC, STL, COM, Corba, Motif, Oracle.

WEB sites design or functionality enhancements

Design, implementation or functionality enhancements of WEB sites.
Tecnology Web, HTML, PHP, applets.

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